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ReCALL Special Issue 2016: Call for Papers

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Call for Papers

ReCALL Special Issue on Multimodal environments in CALL (September 2016)

Guest editors
Dr José Ramón Calvo-Ferrer (UCAM Universidad Católica de Murcia, Spain)
Dr Sabela Melchor-Couto (University of Roehampton, UK)
Dr Kristi Jauregi (Utrecht University & Fontys University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands)


Call for Papers
This special issue of ReCALL explores the intricacies of multimodality in computer-assisted language learning. Digital technologies have become increasingly complex and sophisticated, offering new and exciting learning opportunities in CALL. As a result, multimodal environments are now the norm.

Multimodality, as defined by Kress and van Leeuwen (2001: 20), is “the use of several semiotic modes in the design of a semiotic product or event, together with the particular way in which these modes are combined – they may for instance reinforce each other […], fulfil complementary roles […] or [be] hierarchically ordered.” This is the reality encountered by learners when interacting in digital platforms that offer a rich variety of communication methods. Different semiotic modes are involved in the meaning-making process – exchanges may take place orally and/or in writing, and may benefit from additional information such as non-verbal cues, bodily movements, graphics or social presence indicators. All of these provide learners with new ways to negotiate meaning in language learning.

In recent years, multimodality has been explored from a number of angles relating to CALL, such as its impact on language learners or its affordances, thus showing its relevance and importance in our field. This special issue aims to present a comprehensive collection of innovative papers that will pave the way for future research on multimodality in CALL, addressing its many dimensions and the interactions between them – linguistic and iconic systems, sounds, images, kinesis, and learner embodiment, amongst others. Topics relevant to this special issue may include the following:

  • Theoretical considerations relating to multimodality in computer-assisted language learning;
  • Empirical studies on the effectiveness of multimodal approaches in computer-assisted language teaching;
  • Multimodality and research data collection and analysis;
  • Impact of multimodality on language learning;
  • Student perceptions on and preferences of multimodal environments;
  • Multimodality and instructional design;
  • Teacher roles in multimodal environments;
  • Task design in multimodal environments.

Kress, G. and van Leeuwen, T. (2001) Multimodal Discourse: The modes and media of contemporary communication. London: Arnold.


To submit a manuscript
Please refer to the journal’s Instructions for contributors ( before submitting your paper. All papers must be submitted electronically via the Recall manuscript submission site Please clearly indicate ‘Special Issue 2016’ when submitting your manuscript.


Submission deadline: 15 July 2015
Authors notified of editorial decision: 15 October 2015
Submission of revised papers: 15 December 2015
Accepted papers ready for copy-editing and production: 31 March 2016
Publication date: 1st September 2016. Accepted articles will be published online (Firstview) as soon as they are ready for publication.

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