KMALL 한국멀티미디어언어교육학회

Objectives & Activities
Korea Association of  Multimedia-Assisted Language Learning


  • ㆍIt aims to foster language education in coordination with language theorists, researchers, teachers and multimedia developers.
  • ㆍIt is to provide excellent models of effective language teaching and contribute toward upgrading the quality of language teachers through diverse and meaningful activities and training related to the use of different multimedia tools.
  • ㆍIt is to develop high-quality courseware by utilizing diverse language theories and establishing organic relationships with both academic and industrial entities to engage in hardware and software development for more effective language teaching.


  • ㆍResearch on Internet- or multimedia-assisted language education
  • ㆍMaximization of academic research in specific pedagogical contexts
  • ㆍProvision of inservice and preservice teachers for more context-specific action research and the presentation of their work in academic venues
  • ㆍPromotion of international exchanges through joint academic research and active participation in international conferences
  • ㆍProvision of a helpful guideline for multimedia software evaluation and the use of diverse multimedia tools in schools
  • ㆍPublication and distribution of diverse knowledge and skills regarding language teaching using multimedia through the journal and newsletter
  • ㆍSeek close and amicable relationships and cooperation with other academic and industrial organizations in order to provide practical help for teachers.
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