KMALL 한국멀티미디어언어교육학회

Mission Statements
Korea Association of  Multimedia-Assisted Language Learning

We must change an educational environment and also teaching methods into multimedia.

We established KAMALL working with diverse groups of scholars and teachers who are interested in foreign language teaching and learning (FLT/L) using multimedia as part of an effort to meet learners' needs in this society of fast information and technology.

We live in times that a plethora of information can be found with just one click on the computer. Accordingly, the multimedia environment in FLT/L developed by computer technology in this 21st century offers exciting and various educational opportunities for teachers to engage in more student-centered teaching, which help surely produce leaders with high-level of language abilities in the 21st century.

Bill Gates already predicted that multimedia as a hero of the information society would greatly influence the educational environment in the 21st century. To be sure, it is now high time that we change our traditional educational environments and use more progressive and innovative teaching methods in the context of diverse multimedia development. In fact, we can solve many problems in FLT/L in Korea one by one only when using multimedia in a more effective manner. For example, with the use of multimedia, we can start to address problems such as overcrowded classes, the overload of work of teachers, and monotonous and boring class focusing on grammar, engage in more student-centered and communicative language teaching, and, eventually offer, more active and open language classes which foster students' imagination and creativity.

The Internet and CD-ROMs are main tools which can be used in the field of language teaching and learning right now. Therefore, the content of lesson can be made more interesting and meaningful for learners using diverse multimedia techniques, which enhances students' satisfaction and excitement to a great extent. Accordingly, KAMALL engage in diverse research and developmental practices related to ways of using the Internet, CD-ROMs, and multimedia as important tools in real contexts of language teaching and learning. Besides, KAMALL also engages in turning diverse educational contents into user-friendly contents using diverse computer and multimedia technology for more practical applications in the classroom and, eventually, paving the way for more effective uses of such technological tools and contents in many different educational contexts.

KAMALL purports to provide important space for its members to continuously improve their abilities of using multimedia such as the Internet, CD-ROM titles, and other tools and multimedia tools and contribute to the field of FLT/L by sharing knowledge and skills developed and learned in many professional research and instructional activities. Therefore, we will do our best to provide much-needed services for diverse groups of excellent researchers, educators, and diverse courseware developers by creating supportive educational environments and developing innovative language teaching methods and practices in order to bring positive results in FLT/L in Korea and the world. Accordingly, we also hope each and every member will also actively participate in various activities offered by KAMALL and exhibit their utmost interests and support in order to enhancing its caliber as the top-notch organization in Korea and the world.

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