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The Handbook of Multimedia-Assisted Language Learning: Theory and Practice I, II

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본 총서는 1997년에 한국멀티미디어언어교육학회가 창립된 이래 2011년까지 본 학회 학술지의 수백편의 훌륭한 논문들 중에서 총서발간위원회 및 학술지 편집위원회의 기준에 따라 멀티미디어 언어교육의 핵심 주제를 바탕으로 적합한 논문 133편을 선정·재편집하여 출판한 것이다. 따라서 총서의 논문들은 본 학회가 국내외적으로 외국어 교육과 정보통신기술 관련 분야에서 계속해서 선도적인 역할을 수행할 수 있었던 시금석이자 멀티미디어언어교육 연구의 전형이라고 할 수 있다.




Volume I
Part 1 MALL Theory, Conceptualization, and Pedagogy
1 On Multimedia in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning 19
Chung Hyun Lee
2 Why Use or Not Use Computers? 38
Chung Hyun Lee
3 Texts, Technology, and Pedagogy 67
Jamie Myers?Ki-Wan Sung
4 Knowledge Domains for the Successful Integration of CALL 78
Mike Levy
5 Critical English Language Teaching Using a Multimedia and Inquiry-Based Approach 89
Kiwan Sung
6 L2 Learners’ Self-Efficacy Beliefs: Interactive Affects and Effects of Three Different Contexts 110
Kyungsun Han
7 Translating Constructivism into EFL Classrooms through the Use of Technology 127
Sangmin Lee

Part 2 E-Learning, Online Learning and WBI
8 Linking Pedagogy with Technology: An Inquiry Approach of Teaching English 151
Kiwan Sung
9 Analysis and Application of Web-Based L2 Tasks 169
Heyoung Kim
10 ESL Students’ Beliefs about the Utility of Synchronous Online Discussion (SOD) in Language Learning and Their Participation in the SOD 184
Shinwoong Lee
11 A Classroom-Centered Research on Interaction through Peer Review in the Online English Class 201
Kyutae Jung?Kyungsuk Chang
12 A New Convergence Medium: IPTV in the English Classrooms 219
Sangmin Lee
13 Beyond the Classroom: Videoconferencing English Class in the Study Centers 238
Sangmin Lee
14 Learning Styles Based on the Different Cultural Background of KFL Learners in Online Learning 255
Donggil Song?Eunyoung Oh

Part 3 Blended Learning
15 A Study on the Effectiveness of Online and Offline English Language Learning at University Level 273
Chung Hyun Lee?Kyong-hyon Pyo
16 The Perspectives and Effectiveness of Blended Learning in L2 Writing of Korean University Students 288
Seo Young Yoon?Chung Hyun Lee
17 Implementation of Instructional Methods and Learners’ Views in Online and Offline Business English Classes 308
Yoonjung Cha?Hijean Kim
18 Students’ Reflection on Feedback in L2 Writing in Blended Learning 326
Seo Young Yoon

Part 4 Social Network Services (SNS) and Smart Education
19 A Blog Space for Autonomous Learning 349
Sangmin Lee
20 Three Teachers’ Initial Efforts to Use Twitter for Teaching English in Public Schools 365
Heyoung Kim
21 Twitter and Implications for Its Use in EFL Learning 383
Eun-Young Kim?Sun-Mih Park?Sun-Hye Baek

Part 5 Listening and Speaking
22 Communicative Activities Applicable to CALL: Based on Computer Simulations 403
Chung Hyun Lee
23 Homework Assignments for Improving the English Listening Skills of Korean Students: An Investigative Study 424
Kyung-Whan Cha?Fred Rodriguez
24 The Effectiveness of Internet Assisted Instruction in English Listening Class 442
Kyung Won Kim?Hae Dong Kim
25 Developing a Web-Based Listening Course 455
In-Seok Kim

Part 6 Reading and Writing
26 EFL Learners’ Use of Print and Online Dictionaries in L1 and L2 Writing Processes 475
Yuah Vicky Chun
27 Electronic Spaces as a New Writing and Sharing Arena 494
Sangmin Lee
28 Exploring the Potential of a Web-Based Writing Instruction Program and AES: An Empirical Study Using My Access 516
Sangmin Lee
29 Korean College Students’ Vocabulary Profiles as Predictors of English Reading and Writing Proficiency 533
Sung-Yeon Kim?Young-sook Ryoo
30 Effects of Collaborative Writing in Weblogs 549
Jae Kyung Kim
31 Collaborative Writing Versus Individual Writing: Fluency, Accuracy, Complexity, and Essay Score 568
Jue-Kyoung Pae

Part 7 Pronunciation, Vocabulary and Grammar
32 Use of a Homepage for Grammar Practice Based on Error Analysis of E-mail Writings 591
Chang-In Lee?Moon-Sook Yoon
33 Vocabulary Acquisition Research and Development of a Computer-Assisted Vocabulary Learning Program for EFL University Students 603
In-Seok Kim
34 A Study on Voice Recordings and Feedback through BBS in Teaching and Learning Pronunciation 621
Seo Young Yoon?Chung Hyun Lee
35 Spoken Corpora of EFL Learners: Collocations, Vocabulary Use, and Their Oral Proficiency Levels 642
Young-Mi Kim

Volume II
Part 8 Focus on Form

36 The Effects of Focus on Form in CMC: A Case Study of Korean Adult Learners 659
Ae Ryang Homg?Chung Hyun Lee
37 The Feasibility of Using Text-Based Online Chat for Communicative Focus on Form 683
Young Woo Cho?Il-Hee Kim
38 Triadic Text-Based SCMC and Focus on Form: Fluency, Accuracy, and Complexity 699
Young Woo Cho
Part 9 Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC)
39 Korean College Students’ Reflections of English Language Learning via CMC and FFC 725
Sung-Yeon Kim
40 The Use of CMC to Improve Communicative Competence 740
Jin-Tae Chang
41 Strategies in Negotiation of Meaning and Self-Correction in CMC Interaction 757
Eun-Young Park
42 EFL Students’ Perceptions on Synchronous English Text Chatting: Implications for Its Implementation 770
Heekyong Choi
43 Is Synchronous Computer Mediated Communication Truly Egalitarian?: A Case Study of Computer-Networked ESL Classroom 790
Shinwoong Lee
44 Implementing an Intercultural CMC Project: A Case Study 814
Byung-Kyoo Ahn?Yoon-Hee Na
45 The Role of Meta-Awareness and Task Type on the Use of Determiners during Internet Chat 832
Jong-Bum Ha?Moon-Sub Han
46 A Study of Peer Feedback Patterns in CMC Modes on Korean EFL Students 852
Yoonjung Cha
47 CALL and Creativity: Incorporating Creativity Task into CMC Environments 872
Keun Huh
48 Stimulating Negotiation of Meaning in CMC Interaction 891
Young-Sook Shim
49 An Analysis of Synchronous Interaction and its Influence on EFL
Writers’ Revisions 910
Yoonjung Cha?Laura Eunae Park
50 Learner Uptake of Feedback in Text-Based Synchronous Computer Mediated Communication (SCMC) 930
Hyunjeong Kwon?Chung Hyun Lee
Part 10 Collaborative Learning
51 Collaborative E-mail Exchange: A Pilot Study of Peer Editing 951
Jeong-Bae Son?Shirley O’Neill
52 Effects of Cooperative Learning Approach to MALL(Multimedia-Assisted Language Learning) 964
Yang-Soo Jung
53 The Effects and Social Aspects of Peer Response in Weblogs on Returnees’ Writing Using the Social Network Analysis (SNA) Approach 991
Jae-Kyung Kim
54 Collaborative Discussion and Peer Review Activity in Computer-Mediated EFL Writing 1012
Bong-Gyu Kim
Part 11 Courseware Design and Evaluation
55 How To Make CALL Systems More Intelligent 1033
IK-Sung Ohm
56 New Media Language Use and “Bridging Activities”: Implications for Plurilingual Life in a (Partially) Digital World 1050
Steven L. Thorne
57 Evaluation of English Learning Programs on EBSe 1068
Sangmin Lee
58 Reflection on Using the Criterion Online Writing Evaluation Service 1084
Tae-Eun Kim
Part 12 Assessment and Testing
59 An Argument for Computer Adaptive Language Testing 1105
Jerry W. Larson
60 Validation of Computer-Based/Adaptive Language Tests Focusing on Response Time 1116
Inn-Chull Choi
61 Preparing Culturally Diverse Students for Higher Education: Technological Innovations within the Pacesetter Program 1134
Clifford Hill
62 Reliability of a Repeated Testing Design: A Handwritten and Computerized ESL Writing Test 1149
Ho Lee
63 A Web-Based Speaking Test Development Using Visual Basic 6.0 1165
Jung Tae Kim
64 Anxiety and Performance in Videoconferenced and Face-to-Face Oral Interviews 1182
Daniel A. Craig?Jungtae Kim
65 Investigating Effects of Tasks on Examinee Performance in a Computer-Delivered Speaking Test 1200
Hyun Jung Kim
66 The Validation Process in Developing a Web-Based English Speaking and Writing Test 1221
Jungtae Kim
Part 13 Teacher Education
67 What is the Most Crucial Factor in Implementing Computers into FLT/L? 1245
Chung Hyun Lee
68 ICT and Modern Foreign Languages: Learning Opportunities and Training Needs 1260
Graham Davies
69 Do Innovative Technologies Bring about Innovative Practices? A Case Study of a Korean EFL Teacher’s Class under the Curricular Reform Context 1275
Kyungja Ahn
Chronological Table of Reprinted Articles 1299
List of Authors 1309

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